Deutsch verlernt ????????

Oh, I`m sorry for the mistakes below. I have forget German     Maybe it`s really better to writte in English.

Yesterday I was in Clevland and we arrived home at 1:30 am. I will go to Pittsburgh with my hostdad today. They are both big interesting Cities but you have to drive there nearly 2 until 3 hours. If you drive there and back at one day, you sit 6hours in Car :-(

At the evening We will go in a Casino, I hope My hostdad will become a millioner. I cant`t play you have to be 18 years.

At my school are two other exchange students, one from Brasil and one from Switzerland. They are very nice and I get very almong well with them, too. My school is so cool. You have to see. They have write a big Artikel about us (exchange stdents) with pictures. We are in the newspaper. :-)


Ok I have to go now, I hope my English is better than my German ;-)



8.9.06 22:10

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